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Monday, January 2, 2017

  It is a cold and wintry Monday. Thor must be winning the battle against the Frost Giants, snow is piling up on top of the inches already here. The little birds are out and about in spite of the powdery cold,a sure sign the snow is here for at least the day.
  And then there is the quiet. A sleeping kind of quiet that pulls you into its folds. Like flannel sheets folding one in, whispering shhhh.

  The winter weather has pulled me inward.Not just indoors to sit by the cracking woodstove with a book but into my mind and heart as well. There are things within those inner places of myself that need tending.Nothing messy or sorrowful, just the passions that are who I am.

  I am a solitary being who needs aloneness as if it were air to breathe. I do not mind coming down off the butte I live upon to be with the people in my life but only for so long. It is this tendency that motivates me to begin writing here. Having made the decision to leave social media as an attempt to quiet the chatter in my ears I knew I would need another way to communicate with the world. Becoming a hermit on the butte would not be wise.

 So here I am. Welcome to my journey as I put some polish on my passions so they can shine bright. Herbal medicine, growing gardens, chickens, life out of doors, building an apothecary with a micro budget, rambling thoughts and the insanity of reorganizing five years worth of note taking - something I will joyfully take advice on especially if it's not too techie.

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